choosing a pilot career?

choosing a pilot career?
  1. Right now i am only 15 and i would like to become a pilot. i dont know what kind of pilot i want to be or even what options i have. could you inform me about different types of pilots with information like schedule, qualification, and salary. thanks

    Answer by Cam
    Hi Brendan:

    You are reading the response of a Commercial Pilot. You may think that means I am an airline pilot. I am not. However, I think I can give you a reasonably good overview of piloting. Forgive a little brag: I got my Private Pilots license in 77 days. Pretty fast.

    First off, start saving money for training. Learning to fly is EXPENSIVE. You really have to be committed because youre going to be spending a lot of money at first.

    Look into aviation schools like Embry-Riddle, to give yourself a better sense of different aviation careers. The vast bulk of pilots go into airline work, including companies like FedEx and UPS, both of whom have large fleets.

    If youre serious, youll be able to solo in about a year at 16. You will need about 15 hours of flight instruction before you can take a plane up by yourself. Soloing is one of those great moments in a pilots life. Its just u and the plane.

    Next, youd on to become a Private Pilot then a Commercial Pilot. Thats what I am. It is really the “platform” on which you begin to build that career. The most common career for pilots is airline pilot. Ill talk more about the actual work in a minute.

    Having become a Commercial Pilot you would then train to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
    As a CFI you would be able build expensive flight hours by being paid to train students. Youd need to build hundreds of hours before u head for the airlines.

    Somewhere in there youd train to fly twin engine planes. There are no single engine airliners.

    Lets say youve done all that. With any luck youd be hired by a regional carrier. This is tough and poorly paid work. Again with luck you could move up to one of the major carriers like United or American.

    Now, its important to understand the life of an airline pilot. The actual flying is ten minutes of excitement (take off) followed by hours of boredom (enroute flight) followed by another ten minutes of excitement.

    Airline hiring is cyclical. Meaning there may be a great demand for pilots followed by little demand. Up and down, up and down.

    Pilots cannot fly more than 80 hrs a month. But if a pilot flies a long distance route, New York to L.A., for example, theyd be away from home for 48 hrs. Never too early to be thinking about the wife and kiddies!

    Its late and I feel my response to u is pretty disjointed. Feel free to email me if ud like. Pilots are generally good natured folks. You could actually go out to an airport and “button hole” an airline pilot to tell u about their career.

    Thats what I did. After a flight from Boston to L.A. I went up on the flight deck and asked the co-pilot if I could ask him some questions. He said Sure but not right now. He gave me his phone number and we had several conversations. He was extremely helpful. Dont be shy.

    In the end I chose not to go for airline pilot because I was pretty old (30) for starting training.

    You, on the other hand, have a great advantage. Youre starting to ask questions as a teen even before youve soloed. Good thinking, Brendan!

    Hope this helps at least a little bit.

    Best to u!

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  2. Is a bush pilot in alaska a good job? How well do they pay an experienced pilot?

    Answer by Rob
    its a dangerous job